Breakthrough application of international nutritional science for Vietnamese

18/10/2023 – On October 10, 2023, Nutricare and Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA launched 5 new products with superior nutritional formulas, meeting strict standards for Vietnamese people.

The product set is the result of extensive research and improvement between Nutricare scientists and Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA (NMNI-USA) including: ColosCare 24h – Strong resistance, weight gaining; Hanie Kid – Nutrition for anorexic and stunted children; Glucare Gold – Nutritional solution for diabetics and pre-diabetics; Nutricare Gold – Nutrition to restore and enhance health; Nutricare Bone – Strong bones and joints, enhance muscle mass.

Relentless upgrade for high quality nutritional solution formulas

Right after the successful signing ceremony to cooperate in research and development of Medical Nutrition products, Nutricare and NMNI-USA quickly conducted a review and research to improve the nutritional formula of Nutricare products. This is one of the action plans in the cooperation agreement between Nutricare and NMNI-USA to create high quality nutritional solutions, that not only meet US standards but are tailored suitable to the physical condition of Vietnamese people.

Director of NMNI-USA, Dr. David Clark has worked with Nutricare’s Research and Product Development department to “solve the nutrition problem” for Vietnamese people. In particular, the focus of upgrading product formulas determined by both sides is to provide nutritional solutions based on function, needs, and age, especially suitable for the specific physical condition of Vietnamese people and satisfy strict nutritional standards according to world recommendations.

NMNI-USA representative has worked with Nutricare’s Research and Development department in several sessions

Malnourished children due to lack of micronutrients (stunting, poor resistance…) and adults at risk of chronic non-communicable diseases (diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer…) are two subject of special interest to Nutricare and NMNI-USA. With desire to contribute to improving nutritional status and reducing the burden of disease in Vietnam, a close cooperation process has been developed by Nutricare and NMNI-USA. From scientific research, targeted formulation, clinical testing, mass production and finally, 5 breakthrough quality nutritional formulas were launched. Behind the creation of each nutritional formula is the success of Nutricare and NMNI-USA in applying world and American nutritional science achievements, the quintessence of Vietnamese intelligence as well as the belief in a Vietnamese generation of comprehensive development, health and reaching out.

Dr. David Clark performed sensory activities with Nutricare

Breakthrough nutritional formula dedicated to Vietnamese successfully launched

At the premiere of 5 new products with upgraded nutritional formulas, Dr. David Clark shared: “The process of accompanying Nutricare on the journey to bring Vietnamese people comprehensive and advanced nutritional solutions.” NMNI-USA has applied World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations and applied strict quality standards from the United States. We hope that these nutritional formulas will contribute to improving the health of Vietnamese people in the future.”

The new product set with upgraded formula, meeting nutritional standards for Vietnamese people is the initial achievement of Nutricare and NMNI-USA scientists

Two products for children introduced by Nutricare and NMNI-USA are ColosCare 24h and Hanie Kid, respectively. In particular, the new ColosCare 24h is a product specifically for children in need of resistance strengthening, with an exceptionally high 1200mg IgG antibody content, which supports to reduce the risk of respiratory infections and strengthening resistance for a better health of your kid.

The second product for children is Hanie Kid – Medical Nutrition that helps children gain weight after one month and has been clinically proven. The highlight of Hanie Kid’s nutritional ingredients is the 100Kcal high-energy formula – a formula that has been included in the standard treatment regimen for malnourished, underweight, and stunted children according to WHO recommendations.

The three products for adults at risk of chronic non-communicable diseases are Glucare Gold, Nutricare Gold and Nutricare Bone, respectively.

New Glucare Gold with a formula containing slowly absorbed carbohydrates to help balance blood sugar and low GI has been clinically proven to be a safe nutritional solution for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

The new Nutricare Gold product integrates key nutritional ingredients including Calcium to protect bone health, Glucosamine to support joints, unsaturated fats that are good for the heart and Lactium to improve sleep quality. Nutricare Gold is an effective nutritional solution that allows adults enjoy their aging process in a healthy way.

Nutricare Bone product provides comprehensive nutrition for muscles, bones, and joints. Nutricare Bone supplements Glucosamine – a potential solution to combat age-related decline in joint health, promoting better joint lubrication and elasticity.

Five new products with upgraded nutritional formulas are the initial achievements of the “strategic handshake” between Nutricare and NMNI-USA. In the coming period, the two sides will continue to carry out activities according to the plan set out in the cooperation agreement, to care for and improve the quality of life for Vietnamese families.

Source: Đột phá ứng dụng khoa học dinh dưỡng quốc tế dành cho người Việt | VTV.VN

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Breakthrough application of international nutritional science for Vietnamese - On October 10, 2023, Nutricare and Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute - USA launched 5 new products with superior...
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